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    Greek salad14zł (300g)
    Caesar salad16zł (300g)
    Cocktail prawns on iceberg lettuce with Mario Rose sauce,
    crispy toast and cherry tomato
    24zł (350g)
    Mozzarella with strawberries and fresh spinach leaves
    flavored with cranberry jam and balsamic vinaigrette
    16zł (150g)
    The composition of yellow and blue cheeses35zł (400g)
    The composition of roasted meats and sausage with pickle35zł (400g)
    Royal broth with noodles7zł (280ml)
    Cold soup with beetroot leaves, grated radish and ucumber served with egg8zł (280ml)
    Traditional Polish rye flour soup with egg – Żurek9zł (280ml)
    Tomato cream with brie cheese flakes9zł (280ml)
    Russian dumplings topped with fried onion14zł (300g)
    Meat dumplings topped with fried onion16zł (300g)
    Traditional pork chop with fried cabbage and particles potato19zł (450g)
    Grilled chicken breast marinated in thyme and lime peel
    on composition of lettuce with crunchy radish and cherry tomato
    22zł (450g)
    Wild boar stew flavored with red wine and juniper
    with crispy zucchini sticks
    24zł (450g)
    Pork tenderloin marinated in dijon mustard wrapped in bacon with velvety puree of roasted betata, hats mushroom in cream sauce with green broccoli romanesco37zł (480g)
    Roast beef steak served with grilled tomato and
    bacon roulade with green beans
    38zł (300g)
    Roasted duck fillet accompanied by gnocchi and cherry sauce, the aromatic bison grass39zł (480g)
    A choice of sauces: green pepper sauce,
    spicy pepper sauce on red wine
    Polish trout fried in butter with green beans and roasted
    29zł (400g)
    Cod loin wrapped in bacon flavored lime juice and rosemary served on cauliflower mousse with sugar snap peas and cranberries jam36zł (400g)
    Loin of salmon on a pedestal with fresh spinach,
    couscous surrounded by dill sauce
    36zł (400g)
    Gnocchi with herb sauce and green broccoli16zł(300g)
    Risotto with wild mushrooms topped with parmesan
    and oil drops
    19zł (300g)
    Spaghetti with pelatti tomato sauce14zł (300g)
    Spaghetti carbonara16zł (300g)
    Tagliatelle with prawns flavored with lemon juice24zł (300g)
    The composition of ice cream and sorbet with fruit sauce (3 scoops)9zł (150g)
    Apple pie with whipped cream and rubella mint leaf9zł (200g)
    Basket rosy apple crumble with raspberry crowned
    and vanilla ice cream
    9zł (150g)
    Strawberries with whipped cream and meringue9zł (200g)
    Philadelphia cheesecake with raspberry sauce12zł (200g)
    Puree4zł (250g)
    Chips4zł (150g)
    Golden potato wedges4zł (150g)
    Fried potato particles4zł (150g)
    Potato croquete4zł (150g)
    Rice4zł (200g)
    Buckwheat4zł (200g)
    Salad of the day4zł (150g)
    Tomato salad5zł (200g)
    Salad mix5zł (150g)
    Steamed Broccoli5zł (150g)
    Bunch of vegetables5zł (200g)